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Building Support

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Session 5, Building Support, explores how the climate crisis has given us the opportunity and the purpose to build a healthy, socially just world. This purpose has the power to unlock the “human magic" we need to unite us. 


The beliefs of executives who have successfully driven change and who have aligned around the shared purpose to “create value by contributing to the benefit of society and the planet” will be explored. Leaders will explain that creating a sustainable society leads to growth, jobs, social justice – to success in the things that matter. What our global society must do to deal with the climate crisis will be presented. To get in touch with why each of us is drawn to create a clean, healthy Earth with environmental justice, the mysteries of the beauty of nature will be shared. 


The drivers for environmental sustainability and justice are mobilizing global forces. And these global forces will be up to the challenge and we will succeed because we are joining together.

Big Opportunities

  1. Humans need purpose and building a better, healthier, more just society and economy gives us the type of purpose that unlocks “human magic.”

  2. Building a sustainable global economy will lead to lower energy prices, more jobs, and greater productivity while securing the future for our children.

  3. Forces (e.g., changing public opinion, impact investing, consumer choices, etc.) are already turning the tide for environmental sustainability.

  4. We are part of a massive, global mobilization that will be equal to the task.

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