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In November 2023, EcoActUs' co-founder Michael Linn interviewed a panel of professionals about the importance of gratitude in the many areas of their lives, and its effect on sustainability for our Earth. What resulted was a moving real-life media piece, Impact Gratitude. EcoActUs invites you to enjoy and relect on these conversations, as we enter a new year full of hope and mindfulness for our planet.

(1) Watch Gratitude Revealed (watch the film now)

(2) Be inspired by the Impact Gratitude event (re-watch here)

(3) Take the Journey -- attend the Climate Boot Camp certification program (register at the homepage)

EcoActUs greatly value your generous Donations, and also appreciate professional support. Please contact us at to offer more information about how you or your business may like to get involved. We look forward to networking at one of our virtual meetings.

EcoActUs' program contains many valuable lessons, and the program leaders are constantly finding new material and making new connections with professionals around the world offering their insights.

The EcoActUs Blog is the destination for this up-to-date information, as well as reflections on current events, innovations, and developments aligned with the Climate Action mission.

While this material may become integrated in the course material as it develops, this platform allows new users to explore the kind of content EcoActUs values, and can be shared with others.

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