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Challenging the Status Quo

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Session 3, Challenging the Status Quo, demonstrates that addressing the climate crisis is in an organization’s self-interest. It lays out clear, persuasive arguments for supporting environmental sustainability. It helps you anticipate common objections and use them to build your business case. It also introduces you to Climate Action Now to help you to make your opinions known.


Humans work to preserve their advantages and wealth, resisting change. Capitalism is incentivized to extend the life of an old investment to increase its return. So, organizations often resist making the new investments required to become sustainable. But, businesses, governments, investors and consumers can require these changes from suppliers and politicians and consumer-facing businesses.

Big Opportunities

  1. Talk about and recommend better environmental and social practices in your organizations and to your associates.  Focus on how to achieve better practices.

  2. Addressing the climate crisis is in every organization’s best interest because it attracts customers, saves cost and improves efficiency.  It helps businesses:

    1. Attract and retain environmentally and socially aware customers, employees and ESG investors

    2. Meet increasing demands for emissions transparency from customers, suppliers, others for reporting Scope 1 (direct emissions), Scope 2 (indirect emissions), and Scope 3 (all emissions the organization is indirectly responsible for, up and down its value chain)

    3. Earn more favorable reviews from lenders, analysists, customers and investors seeking positive environmental and social performance

    4. Avoid increased insurance costs from insurers reducing environmental risks through climate protection and increased disclosure on corporate emissions

    5. Minimize increasing environmental and social consequences from activism, governments and regulation

    6. Reduce climate change-related regulatory, social, health, and insurance risks

    7. Provide constructive responses to growing pressure on organizations to act on global business, social and environmental conditions.

  3. Become politically active.  This is easy with Climate Action Now Fight Climate Change - Download the Climate Action Now App

  4. Buy sustainable products and brands.  You can look up sustainable products on the app; Commons (

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