Participant Guide to the Workshop
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David Raper

An introduction to the Action Plan templates

Download the Personal Action Plan Template (Pre-work Exercises)


  • A Powerpoint guide, invaluable in beginning to create your action plan.

Download the Personal Action Plan Template (Instructions & All Exercises)


  • A Powerpoint guide, invaluable in creating your own or your organization's steps toward your sustainability goals.

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1. Getting Started

Download (left) to get your own Personal Action Plan templates (the pre-work exercises and the full template). Review and complete sections in the pre-work template as well as you can now.


You will use the Full Action Plan Template to organize your actions while going through the Workshop.

View the videos to the right side of this panel for Michael Linn's orientation to the entire Workshop, Eleanor Powers' overview of the eWorkbook functions, and Dr. Will Linn's discussion of the educational model.

2. Log in

Click on "Start eWorkbook" above* or on the Home page of You will be re-directed to the Course Content website. You will need to Login.


*Hint: The Start eWorkbook button is designed to open the Workbook content in a separate tab or window. Thus you can easily switch between this window (the Workshop) and the course (the eWorkbook) as needed.

3. Begin the Course

To begin, be sure you've logged in. Click on Introduction to the Situation (also known as, Session 1).


Read the Summary pages, Explore a bit, then Start Unit Lecture (button near bottom of the page).

4. Continuing

Continue the course by clicking on "Next" or by clicking on the buttons in the left panel for subsequent Sessions.

Over the course duration try to complete:

  • Session 1

  • The Introduction to Session 2 (Strategies that Work)

  • At least one Track of Session 2

  • Then Sessions 3, 4, and 5.

5. Finishing up

After you've completed your viewing of the sessions and exploring, be sure to look over the Music, Art, and Film buttons (near the top, right-hand side).


Take the Quiz for each Session. The quizzes are not graded, and immediate feedback is provided. Completion of the quiz materials allows the Certificate of Attendance to be generated.

6. Working Groups

Many Workshop Hosts will organize Small Group Working sessions or Breakout sessions. Typically these are scheduled on Saturdays and help participants work through problem areas and share experiences.

Breakout sessions are optional, but are often helpful for participants in developing an action plan.

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Michael Linn

An introduction by Michael Linn, founder of the EcoActUs Workshop

(formerly Climate Boot Camp)

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Eleanor Powers

An introduction to the eWorkbook by

Eleanor Powers

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Dr. Will Linn

The eWorkbook educational model by

Dr. Will Linn


Closing Video -- final thoughts