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Enable individuals to create a transformative moment, within their sphere of influence, surrounding the environmental crisis.


Encouraging individual and organizational action will result in the large scale changes needed for effective action during our climate crisis

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Climate Reality Project

The premier organization for Climate Change activists and general knowledge and community surrounding the climate crisis. 


It Takes a Team

Dozens of individuals and organizations worked together to create the eWorkbook. Three organizations played particularly crucial roles.

The CREDITS for the eWorkbook content can be found here...

The eWorkbook content was organized and developed by the Climate Reality Project and Harvard Alumni for Climate and the Environment (HACE). These two groups brought together a team of renowned experts to discuss various aspects of the climate crisis. They particularly focused on what organizations could do to manifest change.

Educational Technology and Narrative Driven Curriculum Design donated by

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Harvard Alumni for Climate and the Environment

Harvard Alumni for Climate and the Environment, a volunteer-driven community who work to address our climate crisis and achieve a more sustainable and just world.

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