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Introduction to the Situation

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The Climate Boot Camp is a six-session learning experience for people who want to know how better to plan and implement climate change and environmental sustainability strategies in their organizations. It provides an overview of known solutions and how to build support for them. All of the lecture sessions are recorded in your eWorkbook and may be shared later.  The eWorkbook is designed to let you direct your own learning and includes links selected by experts to give you easy, efficient access to additional information that may be useful to you.


In addition to the session presentations, session two, Strategies that Work, presents known climate and environmental solutions for six different areas of interest and opportunity (i.e., Tracks).  Also, provided are guided weekend work sessions and Action Plan work sessions with a template for participants to use in creating your own plan.


The climate crisis is human-made and it can be mitigated when people work together to create a society and economy that supports a thriving Earth and prospering humanity. The first lecture outlines what science tells us about the current state of the climate crisis. Next, a successful leader in the sustainability movement shares considerations to make when driving change. The last speaker closes with what we must do to create a more environmentally sustainable and just world. 


The first session ends with the first of the series of work sessions designed to help you create the Action Plan for yourself and for your organization.

Big Opportunities

What we must do:


  1. Build out our ability to generate energy from renewable, clean energy sources

  2. Reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and their derivatives

  3. Protect and restore our habitats

  4. Make a just transition for people losing their jobs and for marginalized communities most affected by the crisis impact

Explore: Readings

Explore: Media

Action Plan

Need horizontal scroller with questions (from a table) and user input area, plus a SAVE button. SAVE button should store the text in a User table so it can be re-loaded when the user returns.

This "Action Plan" template would be replicated for each Session and Track (in Session 2). The table to display question should accommodate the text varying for each Session and Track.

Another button, maybe in a different area would allow the student to download their entire Action Plan in .txt format for import into their local word processor.

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