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Road to Change

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In Session 4, Road to Change, we learn about conducting a transformational dialog: how you can help people to see a new perspective. Creating an action plan within your organization is an opportunity to conduct a transformational dialog about climate and environmental action and how they can move from a burden to an opportunity. A successful CEO explains effective approaches to change-making and how to create “human magic” with a transformative, inclusive purpose. You will also learn about the psychology of change. 


You will learn how to conduct a preliminary audit and review of your organization’s climate action opportunities. You will also learn about approaches to measuring performance on climate initiatives. 

Big Opportunities

  1. Organizational transformation begins with setting/finding a purpose that the stakeholders support – a noble purpose that unleashes “human magic.”

  2. People go through a well-understood process to transform their thinking and understanding. Knowing this process helps guide your discussions and discovery process with colleagues.

  3. An action plan should be based on opportunities to improve sustainability and a careful review of Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 (direct, purchased energy, and supply chain and customer use) emissions.

  4. Properly measuring progress on your plans’ goals will improve performance.

  5. Plans that only meet minimum emissions and environmental standards are risky and offer little reward.

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