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Curriculum Guides:

Curriculum Guide

The EcoActUs eWorkbook contains a wide variety of materials. Some will be interested in all the material, but most want a guided set of materials. Use the Guide pertaining to your interest area in order to narrow the content. Of course, if you find another area of interest, follow that interest trail. Your goal should be to explore and inform yourself in those areas that make the most sense.

Brief/Summary Guide

Follow the general guide below for those interested in sustainability options. This is a summary guide - a short introduction.

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Step  Session/Note

1 Participants / Students Guide

Open and choose "For Participants / Participant's Guide". Read the 6 Steps. If you can, watch the videos in the right column. If you are going to create an Action Plan, review the materials in the left column.


2 Enter the eWorkbook

Whenever you return to ecoActUs, choose "For Participants / Bootcamp eWorkbook", to restart the eWorkbook.

3 Introduction to the Situation

Session 1. Basics of Climate Change. Explore the Music, Art, Film in the upper left corner. Explore Readings and Media at the bottom. When ready, start the session lecture by clicking on “Start Unit Lecture”. Of particular interest might be Dan Schrag (0:15:21 - 0:30:09) discussing Climate Crisis Science.

Following the Science Overview, consider Andy Lipkis' Hero's Story for an entertaining success story.


4 Strategies that Work…

Review the Overview and Big Opportunities. Consider watching Dr. Foley (0:06:48 - 0:21:07) who gives an overview of workable solutions.


5 Track(s)

For a quick summary, you may not need to review the technical Tracks, however take a look at the titles and feel free to dig in if you're interested. Transportation and Energy Use are popular tracks.


6 Challenging the Status Quo

Depending on your local circumstances you may want to review this session to help create a plan for moving your organization forward. The Big Opportunities highlight areas that are common blockades in many organizations. If any of these ring true, you may want to listen to this lecture.


7 Road to Change

Like the last session, at least look over the Overview and Big Opportunities. Depending on local circumstances, listen to the lecture.


8 Building Support

If you’re working with more than 2 people, you may need to build support for a specific plan. Check out the Overview and Big Opportunities and if it seems to make sense, listen to the lecture.

For an international perspective, consider tuning in to Felipe Calderon, past President of Mexico, discussing emerging sustainable economies (0:14:42 - 0:28:40).

Finally, consider Louie Schwartzberg, award-winning cinematographer, with a special reminder of why we must act (0:53:43 - 1:18:46).

Date created: 7/14/2022

Last edited: 3/17/2023

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