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Ecology Action for Us...
Environmental action is required for all of Us; humanity and all living things. The time for definitive action is now!

Sustainability Leadership Workshop

Climate Boot Camp

You know there is an environmental crisis that threatens to upset the balance between humans and nature.  But do you know what it takes to create effective action within your organization?

Start the course now and return frequently!

Having trouble with the eWorkbook completion task? Check out the FAQ section for hints.

New to EcoActUs? (Ecology Action for Us)

Ready to create effective action within your organization?

Join thousands of sustainability leaders and start learning strategies, formulating plans and enabling sustainability efforts within your organization.

With the EcoActUs Sustainability Leadership Workshop (Climate Boot Camp), you can start learning right away! This self-paced course allows you to work through sessions and build your personal action plan at any time.

If desired, you can also attend scheduled small group discussions. These discussions elevate your learning and provide a medium to share your plans, and network with likeminded individuals.


Participants / Students

Get more information, including sample Pre-Workshop and Full Action Plan templates, by using the button to Access Student Guide materials.

Hosting a Workshop?


Hosts / Instructors

Hosts (instructors) guide new students through the Workshop. This area provides a general guide for those planning to present an EcoActUs Sustainability Leadership Training Workshop. The guide is divided into Planning & Preparation, Kick Off Meeting, Breakout Session Planning, and Follow-up.


Previous participants are encouraged to organize a group of individuals and help guide them through the Workshop.

Attending a Small Group Discussion?


Upcoming Showings & Small Group Discussion Events

Showing start dates are shown below. Join a group and take the journey together to learn about organizational change. Then, join other participants in discussing your sustainability plan. The Small Group Discussions are helpful to those creating a specific Action Plan for their organization and for those wanting to network with others taking the Workshop.


Small Group Discussions are held via Zoom. Click on the "Date and Time" message below each Event; active link indicated when color is light blue. Join your current showing, or come back after your showing and join again!

Showing Start Date

Small Group Event #1

Small Group Event #2

Oct 15, 2022 @ 3pm PT*

Facilitator: Dr. Mark R Dambro

Oct 22, 2022 @ 10am ET*

Facilitator: Dr. Dayo Ajayi-Obe

Oct 29, 2022 @ 12pm ET*

Facilitator: Dr. Dayo Ajayi-Obe

Facilitator: Dr. Mark R Dambro

Facilitator: Dr. Dayo Ajayi-Obe

Nov 19, 2022 @ 10am ET*

Facilitator: Dr. Dayo Ajayi-Obe

January 2023


* All time zones are U.S. current zones

Student Anchor2

More Workshop Details

What Is Driving the Environmental Crisis
And What We Can Do About It?

Which sustainability strategies are proven successful in transportation, facilities, energy use, industry, circular economy, food, agriculture, water? What does the process look like for enabling change? What are the sources of resistance and how do we respond to them? How do I develop a sustainability plan for my organization using the best strategies? How do I evolve and tailor my plan using curated resources?   How do I communicate effectively about sustainability? How can a sustainability strategy be a growth and profit opportunity for my organization? How do I introduce and begin building internal support for a sustainability strategy?

You Should Take This Training If You Want To...

Increase the sustainability impact of organizations you know, while learning how to create transformation View a short, powerful overview of the climate and environmental crisis  Receive customized training on topics most relevant to you and your organization  Brainstorm and formulate a sustainability strategy with your friends and organization  Better understand the proven strategies your organization needs Experience and receive guidance and support from an activist community  Access ongoing, curated content as you continue your sustainability action journey

What You'll Gain

Develop a step-by-step personal action plan


Receive the Workbook with over 140 curated links to deep dive information on the subjects overviewed in the Workshop


Identify sustainability strategies you can apply at your business or organization


Gain access to strategies and technologies that have proven to be profitable and successful

All Your Questions Answered

Check out the Workshop FAQ document for more details on timing, Workshop history, availability, fees, and more.

Who You'll Meet

Learn from a wide range of global experts and recognized speakers explaining what to do about our environmental crisis and how to get it done.

What People Are Saying

Over 500 participants took the course in October of 2021. The exit survey reported...

Analyzing the data
Elegant Female

83% would recommend the course to a friend. "It gives you the motivation, knowledge, and skills to begin to drive climate action in your organization."

69% said they were better equipped to engage their organization

Portrait of Senior Woman

Nearly 80% said they are confident in taking a personal stand on climate action in their organization

66% said their organization is open to employees advocating for environmental action

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