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Q: Time Required and Schedule?

The EcoActUs Climate Leadership Workshop is designed with maximum flexibility to fit your schedule and learning needs.  You can take the sessions on your own schedule and select the presentations and tracks that are most useful to you. 

The study time it takes is up to you – you may choose to only see the videos you want, or review the entire content.  You may “Audit” the course without any of the exercises, or work sessions.  If you take each complete course session and only one technical track, it will take 7.5 hours (without the exercises).  This gives you the overview and the opportunity to take the quizzes and earn your certificate.


If you take all of the technical tracks (e.g. Transport, Energy, Buildings, Agriculture, etc.) that will add 5 more hours.  For groups taking the training together (e.g. a business, not-for-profit, sustainability team, etc.), we recommend a one hour follow up session 90 days after completing the first five sessions.  

Q: When are the small group discussions?
Can I schedule my own team to have small group discussions?
Do I have to attend to get my certificate?

Small group discussions help the participants to better understand the content and how best to take action in their own circumstances.  You do not have to attend the small group discussions to receive your Certificate of Completion.  You may take the course:

  • As an independent group organizing your own sessions using Zoom, or another conferencing platform.   (See the “Host’s Guide” tab for how to organize your own discussion group, or your own showing with your own discussion group.) 

  • During sessions offered by EcoActUs, you will receive emails or other notifications from EcoActUs with links to small group discussion sessions offered on multiple dates.

  • Individually with no small group discussion sessions.

Q: How was this training created?


This program was the result of a two-year development project originated by the Dallas Chapter of Climate Reality Project working with the Climate Reality Project National Business Working Group and The Harvard Alumni for the Climate and Environment (HACE). In the original project, the Climate Boot Camp covered the basics of what needs to be done in critical functional areas (e.g. transport, energy, food, built environment, etc), how to work an individual and an organization through their own plan to become sustainable and how to build support for that plan.  Over 100 people and several leading environmental organizations contributed to the development of the program.

The Climate Boot Camp content (in the Workbook), now under the umbrella of EcoActUs Sustainability Leadership Workshop, who continues to offer the Workshop to individuals and organizations wanting to engage their organizations in taking climate action.

The Workbook design and web hosting was and continues to be donated by (

Q: Are there fees for taking or showing the Workshop?

No.  No one was paid for their contribution and the program is being supported by Climate Reality Leaders, the National Business Working Group and the Dallas Chapter of Climate Reality allowing us to offer the program for free.  The Workbook and it’s operating expense was donated by Mythouse (  

Q:  Is there a European session available?


Work is underway on a European version.  It will be posted on the EcoActUs web site and on the Hub.

Q: Is this Workshop available for my organization?

Yes!  Those who earn their certificate of completion may invite other individuals and organizations to take this training for free.

The delivery is automated.  You will want to organize your own small discussion groups.

Email your request to

See the “Host’s Guide” (link from the Home page). 

Q: What is required to obtain the Certificate of Completion?

To earn the certificate you must complete each section of each session.  Note that the “Lecture Session” and “Overview” sections do not turn green and are not measured for the completion.  To complete each session, you must type an answer into each exercise.  You must also answer all of the questions correctly for one of the technical tracks in session 2 and for each of the other sessions 1, 3, 4 and 5.  Session 6 is not required. Below are the instructions for completing each of the sessions in order to earn the Certificate.


Video Lectures

Must let the lecture at the beginning of each session play thru to the very end.  The session will turn green indicating you have seen the lectures for the session.

Ecopedia: Sources of Expert Information

Check out each of the icon sites, then click on the “Read More” button for one of the sites. Then scroll forward.  Must scroll thru the Ecopedia not just hit the links.  The session will turn green.

Big Opportunities: Summary of Major Actions Implied in This Session

Scroll to the bottom of the section and it turns green.

Fun and Playlist – Longer Selection of TEDTalks and Videos Related to This Subject

This section makes it easy to learn more about the lecture material.  It is purely voluntary added by our experts for those who want to drill down to more detail.  This is not required for completion of the course, or the certificate.


Complete the tests.  The questions must be answered correctly to progress.  Turns green when successfully completed.


Action Plan: Your Notes on Your Action

Enter anything in the section and press “Save.”  (You must enter something.)

Explore: Related Videos and Material 

Must open at least one of the Explore sites.

Complete Unit:

Doing all of these things, lights the “Complete” button for the session.   Press it to complete the session.


Comments on the sessions:

  • Note that only one of the Session 2: Technical tracks must be completed to earn the certificate.  However, the green bar for Session 2 will not turn completely green unless you complete all 6 of the technical tracks.

  • In session 2 Strategies that work: Note: Is there nothing under the “Fun and Play List”

  • Session 2: Built Environemnt -Got Ecopedia to turn green by scrolling

  • The Session 2 bar doesn’t turn green at all with the Intro Session and the   

  • Answers to questions and the exercises aren’t retrieved when you sign back in.


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Fits Your Needs

  • A transformative journey, taking individuals and organizations through an individualized, transformative process, to adopt effective change strategies

  • The EcoActUs Workshop uses innovative, interactive learning concepts and technology to give you control of the learning experience – to enable you to pursue the most productive path


  • Choose from succinct, well curated materials from reliable sources

  • An overview of the business models and technologies that will work to create a resilient society

  • Hear from experts from academia, non-profits, and business leaders with proven success models

  • Short talks from world renowned experts are grouped into six focused sections:

    • ​​Introduction to the Situation​

    • Strategies that Work

    • Challenging the Status Quo

    • Road to Change

    • Building Support

    • Progress Report​​​

  • On-line, self-paced with optional small group discussion sessions

  • Strategies that Work include the more focused areas:

    • Transportation​

    • Built Environment

    • Energy Use

    • Industry

    • Circular Value Chain

    • Food & Ecosystems​

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Session 2 Menu.png

Session 2 menu

Multimedia opportunities add depth and artistic color in curated music, art and film​

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