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Ecology Action for Us...
Environmental action is required for all of Us; humanity and all living things. The time for definitive action is now!

Sustainability Leadership Workshop

Climate Boot Camp

Start the course now and return frequently!

Preface material

WELCOME to the Workshop. Below are some Introductory messages you may want to review. Especially if you're having any trouble with the web site or the eWorkbook, please review the hints below.

Introduction:  Michael Linn only (current video on Student Guide page) [2:45 min]

Introduction:  Michael Linn, Eleanor Powers, Land Blessing, EP introducing Tim Guinee [12:58 min]

COP27 (Conference of the Parties)

Former Vice President Al Gore at COP27 (November 2022)

Session 1 Alternatives

Draft videos for Session 1

Various videos (some existing and some new) for Exec Committee review. This is for incorporation into the web site; resting here for convenience only.

Session 1 current. Starts with ML, Eleanor P, Land Blessing, EP introducing Tim G, TG introducing Dan Schrag [1:26:38 hr:min]

Session 1 starting with Tim Guinee introducing Dan Schrag [1:13:40]

Session 1 starting with logo then Tim Guinee introducing Dan Schrag [1:13:50]

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